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  1. Thanks for the advice @mbam_mtbr, I didn't enter any personal data and ran a full scan afterwards and no malware etc found so think things are ok! No pop ups since.
  2. Thanks for your response to my post David. If this is a malvertisement what should I do?
  3. Just to add a bit more info...the redirect was a phone rewards type thing and it knew my network provider (it was mimicking their web design as well). That's all I got from it because I closed the page down quickly so didn't read the finer details....
  4. Hi, Not sure if I'm posting in the correct forum but I'm a bit worried after visiting a site (urbandictionary.com) deemed "safe" by Norton safe search in which whilst I was scrolling down the page I was suddenly redirected to https://betterfunnels.febesirone.online (This isn't the full address of the redirect as I'm worried about posting it in full as I think it may have private identifiers in it...) I've run a scan and it hasn't identified any malware but I don't know whether this is a very new site. I put the address into Norton safe web and it comes back as an untested site. I'm so careful about the sites I visit so this was a bit of a shock... Does anyone know about this redirect (https://betterfunnels.febesirone.online) and if it's harmful to android devices? Thanks for any feedback offered.
  5. Hi exile360, Thanks for taking the time to reply and provide helpful suggestions. I'll have a think about the next move regarding my phone as I'm not sure that anything massively untoward has occurred as malwarebytes didn't pick anything suspicious up when I scanned and I have real time protection on as well. It would be interesting to hear thoughts on this topic though as it's a new one on me...
  6. Hi, I used a highly reputable comparison website today and after weighing up the list of offers it returned for my product search I opted for an offer from an equally reputable company. I clicked on the link in the comparison website which sent me through to the company website via Clkuk.tradedoubler.com I'm really careful about my online activities and after browsing I clear all cookies and cache and then scan using malwarebytes. I noticed that an extra three files were present after the scan. Knowing that I had only visited the comparison website and done the above I concluded that tradedoubler may have been the culprit. I visited their website and discovered that they offer their customers cookieless tracking to bypass people like me who clear their browser preciously because they don't want to be tracked. It seems tradedoubler think it's OK to take that choice away from consumers. They claim on their website that they don't collect personal identifiers but I still don't think this is acceptable. They even claim to be able to track activity while a consumer's device is offline! I mean what?! So I assume as soon as you connect back onto the internet it pings all your offline activity to their servers. Not cool. Is this not circumventing GDPR? It feels incredibly dodgy... Anybody else heard of this and have any thoughts about it? And how on earth do I get rid of their sneaky files? Factory reset?
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