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  1. Thanks for the advice @mbam_mtbr, I didn't enter any personal data and ran a full scan afterwards and no malware etc found so think things are ok! No pop ups since.
  2. Thanks for your response to my post David. If this is a malvertisement what should I do?
  3. Just to add a bit more info...the redirect was a phone rewards type thing and it knew my network provider (it was mimicking their web design as well). That's all I got from it because I closed the page down quickly so didn't read the finer details....
  4. Hi, Not sure if I'm posting in the correct forum but I'm a bit worried after visiting a site (urbandictionary.com) deemed "safe" by Norton safe search in which whilst I was scrolling down the page I was suddenly redirected to https://betterfunnels.febesirone.online (This isn't the full address of the redirect as I'm worried about posting it in full as I think it may have private identifiers in it...) I've run a scan and it hasn't identified any malware but I don't know whether this is a very new site. I put the address into Norton safe web and it comes back as an untested site. I'm so careful about the sites I visit so this was a bit of a shock... Does anyone know about this redirect (https://betterfunnels.febesirone.online) and if it's harmful to android devices? Thanks for any feedback offered.
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