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  1. I still have the choose OS problem since my winloader.exe is either corrupted or missing What do I have to do?
  2. Hey Kevin, did everything you told me to do, and boy was I glad. Everything's clean as of now. Gonna restart my pc after this if I still have to select my OS upon booting but Thank you. Here are the logs that you asked for. AdwCleaner[S0].txt Fixlog.txt MalwarebytesLog.txt
  3. Hey there Kevin, here are the logs I also screenshotted the svchost.exe.exe and how much CPU the process is using. Found out that my OSlauncher.exe is gone as well. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  4. Hi, my pc just got infected, and I was dumb for letting this happen, nevertheless, I need help. Been dealing with multiple CPU problems due to svchost. It started as a process with no name, which identified itself as a svchost.exe executable. Bought Iobit Malware Fighter just for this, but it became worse, everytime I turn my pc on, I'd have to boot it from groundup, choosing which OS to use (windows 8 and windows 8 fast mode (not so sure about the fast mode thingy but there are to OS present in my pc which I did not knew about.)) And now, it became svchost.exe.exe, which from what I read, is an actual virus. I need help asap. Heard from my friends that you guys helped him as well.
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