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  1. Hi @JJantimalware, Please correct, if I am missing something. In the doc-3379, the minimum OS requirement is 10.10. Could not find 10.11 anywhere in the doc.
  2. Hi @raylist, Thank you for the information. We are trying to replicate the issue as provided but unable to do so. Please log a ticket and send us the troubleshooting logs so that we can check further.
  3. Hi @raylist, That is certainly a high number that our app is consuming which it should not. Please log a support ticket with Malwarebytes as per alvarnell guidance, and we will further investigate the issue working together with our QA team. Thank you.
  4. hi @GoldnBozos, Did you try instructions provided in pinned topic?
  5. Hi @hamburger, I just noticed your comment in other forum topic that the issue is not resolved. Let's try below: Please download the installer file from https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb-mac Run the installer file and follow the installation prompt. Then from step 14 onward of our KB article https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-3547 follow the steps to allow extension in the system. Note: If the "Allow" button doesn't work. Apple will not permit any simulated or remote clicks on the Allow button in an effort to prevent attackers from installing malicious programs without your knowledge. You will not be able to click the button while connected to any form of screen sharing. You may also have difficulty clicking the Allow button if your Mac is connected to peripherals like docking stations, or if your Mac has certain software installed (tablet drivers, third-party mouse). Disconnect all third-party peripherals and click the button using the Mac trackpad or an Apple mouse connected directly to your Mac Let us know your findings by adding your reply to this topic.
  6. Hi @buttonwillowbaby, Greetings. Thank you @alvarnell. User can log a ticket from https://support.malwarebytes.com/community/consumer/pages/contact-us Alternatively, you can log a ticket by writing us an email to support@malwarebytes.com I reviewed your purchase to add quick reply here, and found that you have not been charged for $79.99. I would suggest to review your purchase receipt that was sent after purchase confirmation. Below is the screenshot of your purchase receipt that shows $59.99 was charged. Let us know if you still need a refund?
  7. HI @hamburger, Please refer to below post that might help to fix the issue with installations.
  8. From the initial screenshot, I can assume that the file already in recycle bin ($R...) One thing you should be aware of: if it's a Time Machine backup, you should never allow anything to scan or modify it. Time Machine backups are very fragile under that kind of treatment and can be destroyed entirely if a you or third-party app removes even a single file. Even when we do scan external drives, under no circumstances will we scan Time Machine backups. If a Time Machine backup has malicious files in it, the best thing to do is: 1) Clean the Mac in question 2) Perform another backup 3) Eventually, Time Machine will prune the old files that have been gone for a while, including the malicious ones.
  9. Hi @NickRider2, You can still download the latest version of 3.9.32, which is compatible with Yosemite, from here: https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb3-mac-legacy That should work just fine for now with Yosemite. The program will still receive database/protection updates. Also, skip the program update notification if 3.9.32 is already installed on Yosemite.
  10. Hi @Surferosa, The source of these type of threats are usually from freeware applications or fake flash updates. Users need to pay attention while clicking such pop-ups or installing freeware applications. If you happen to get this again, Malwarebytes scanner will prompt to restart the computer to complete the remediation, once done the internet issue will be fixed. In addition, reset the proxy settings as well.
  11. HI @Surferosa, The detection is related to blog: https://blog.malwarebytes.com/detections/adware-operatormac/ To fix the issue with internet, there is no need to restore the items instead, please follow below: - Go to > System Preferences > Network > Advanced > Proxies - Uncheck whatever is checked so that it sets to default. - Restart and check for the internet.
  12. Hi @MAXBAR1, Malwarebytes for iOS currently support US format number. As in your case, you have number +39 051 xxxxxx Can we try adding one more digit at the end ie xxxxxxx so check if this shows the zero.
  13. Hi @Jacquemcn, Let's follow below steps to allow extension. Click on any "OFF" button under a real-time protection card Then Go to security and privacy under system preferences Click the General tab and click "allow" the extension If allow button doesn't work >> Disconnect all third-party peripherals and click the button using the Mac trackpad or an Apple mouse connected directly to your Mac
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