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  1. I may have figured it out; seems extremely insecure, and to be completely honest, unfair to consumers. https://usa.visa.com/run-your-business/commercial-solutions/solutions/merchant-processing.html/
  2. Thanks Porthos. Checked my purch history, only a single transaction showing, again matching what shows on my MBAM account; which is a very old, no longer active card (not what's showing in the email I received). also submitted information to their cust support as well
  3. nope, didn't even have the card# the email shows when I got mbam premium It's one I've only had for a very short time
  4. Very concerning email... Below is a copy of an email I received, looks totally legitimate, name is right, date is right, even all the header information looks right. No idea what I can do to check the ref # quickly; I did reach out to support to check legitimacy. What am I so concerned about? The last 4 of the CC# is right... But I've never provided malwarebytes with this CC#... It's not the one that's showing as on file when I log into my account. So.... Is this legit? and If so, how in the heck did malwarebytes get CC info I never provided them with?!
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