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  1. Sorry for the late reply! I have tried the fixlist it created this log! Fixlog.txt Meanwhile my email is rampaged by this hacker again =,= I think the .EML extension file he sent me is a exploit so I am not trusting that download! I have also hid anything personal saying on the email pictures...there is a totally suspicious connection from USA that logins with 2 different IP addresses which is probably fake...He has also sent numerous fishing emails from paypal etc I have no clue how to deal with the email problem as this ABV seems like a third rate website there is pretty much no security me
  2. Okay I got them I also did couple extra scans with other tools namely Kaspersky virus removal tool and Eset online scanner! And something called Security Check? After making this thread Kaspersky found nothing and Eset found 19 threats that were left over from my previous Windows 7 system before 2020...I had some Malwarebytes files left over before opening this thread that were impossible to delete for some reason because they were locked and "used" by my display drivers/audio drivers etc. I am not sure but I am suspicious it was a impostor program that looked like Malwarebytes! Same thing hap
  3. Now this happened about 3 months ago I have long before reset my PC to windows 10 by now but for some mysterious reason my ABV.bg email has been repeatedly getting hacked every time! even tho last time I changed my password to be unique combination of 30 symbols and letters including the secret question and answer. Its still getting mysteriously hacked and at this point its obvious the information is being leaked from my PC so the trojan/keylogger/hijacker or whatever has not been removed even tho I did repeated Malwarebytes scans and I even scanned with Bitdefender in boot environment still n
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