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  1. Did you try to re-enable the key? Deactivate (make sure you have the key) and enable. Might just do the trick, if not, restart the phone. If not, as you have stated to re-install the app, im little out of options. -eSR
  2. You do have a point. I would still recommend to just restart the PC after a quarantine and deletion of any unwanted malware etc. In today's fashion, its not really that time consuming. But it might feel like an unnecessary process / step. Tho I think its a limbo between the system itself, and the program. It's a process that is needed. I might be wrong. Thinking about it, it would be a possibility to make it like you imagine. But again, system memory etc, maybe the outcome is different from system to system. ( Laptop, Desktop etc.) I just do the restart to make sure, and be relieved of the even thinking about, "is my problem gone?!" -eSR
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