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  1. Hi I used the Malwarebytes add for MS Excel and used the removed duplicates feature. However when I go back to the cloud Nebula console the number of endpoints listed is still the same original number before the duplicates were removed. I found 230 duplication endpoints, and selected to remove those. I log into the Nebula cloud console, and the number of endpoints listed is the same number as before I removed the duplicates.
  2. Hi We noticed on 4\15\2020 that the Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit blocked MS Excel file from being open for a few of our customers. One customer reported that he tried to open up a MS Excel attachment from within MS Outlook, and was not able to do so since a pop up occurred stating Anti Exploit blocked the file from being opened. Malwarebytes Anti Exploit version on 4\15\2020. I have log files that can be analyzed. Thank You Janet
  3. How do I contact support? I would like to get the excel based tool and the schema.
  4. What is difference between Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection to Endpoint Security?
  5. How can I get assistance with the schema that can help with the reports from the SQL data? Can I get assistance with the powershell or schema for the reports?
  6. We have full scans twice a week for the physical systems that run during the evening hours. We have full scans on the weekends for the PVDI systems. Management is wanting to know if the scans are completed by the start of business hours (7:30am) for all of these thousands of systems. Is there a powershell command that could be run to gather this information? How do I know if a system is having an issue with the scan and isn't finishing by morning? How do I determine if the scans are taking too long to complete? How do I determine if all of the systems got a successful scan? Also, is there a way to have the scans scheduled, but stopped if they haven't completed by business working hours (7:30am)?
  7. Hi We are running Malwarebytes Suite: Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit version, Malwarebytes managed client 1.9.3671, and Anti Ransomware business Malwarebytes managed console How do I generate a report on thousands of systems to show when the scans started and when the scans on those systems completed? I need to monitor system scans, to ensure that they are complete prior to 7:30am. Also, is there a way to end the scans if they don't complete in time for the start of the business day at 7:30am? We don't want the scans to run during the business hours. Thank You
  8. Hello, I would like to be able to do a report or somehow capture the metrics of how long full scans are taking on the sytems. Is there a way to capture the scan time information? Also, is there a way to cancel the scans applied to systems if the scans are taking to long to complete? Thank You
  9. Hello We have seen allot of cases where the Anti-Ransomware has been blocking files from running, but is not sending out notifications to the Malwarebytes console. Some software (Ex: SAS) is not fully installing on our systems until we put the exclusions into the Anti-Ransomware.No notifications or pop notifications are received during software installs. We dont see notifications of the files being blocked quarantined within the console. But when we put in the exclusions in the anti-ransomware on the local computer then the software successfully installs.
  10. Hi I'm using Malwarebytes Management Console, Malwarebytes Managed Client 1.9.3671, Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit I would like to add to the ignore list a few network paths of a where an access databases are stored. However, when I put in the network path into the ignore list, it is not accepted the response is "The above ignore item is invalid". Is there a way to add the network path or another option?
  11. Hi I have customers using a PVDI that are still getting the, "The Malware Anti-Exploit service is taking too long to start. Please reboot your computer to restart protection.” Even after a restart the message is still occurring. Thanks, Janet
  12. Customers are still reporting receive a warning block that says: Malwarebytes anti-Exploit has blocked an exploit attempt when trying to open up links. One of the links I tried to go to was The Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine published by the American Medical Association. Another was a link to a funding grant for Walk to School. Another customer reports that opening up a hyperlink in word document, document closes without saving and a Malware Bytes Anti-Exploit pop-up. Here are our settings:
  13. I've noticed that in Windows 10 PVDI that I had to double click on the Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.exe in order to get it appear in the task bar. If I look at the services, the service is started. If I look under program files it is installed. Why doesn't it appear in the task bar with the Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware and Anti-Malware? Thanks
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