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  1. Hi, Thanks, that make sense. I don't see the option, but I have an old version, of mbmc. What is the latest version and how I update it ?
  2. I have an alert for an exploit threat but it's not a threat. I don't know how I can put an exclusion on this because it's flag everytime we use the software. Here is an example of the alert : 11/29/2017 8:06:14 AM COMPUTERNAME X.X.X.X Exploit payload process blocked BLOCK C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\cmd.exe \C FOR %a In (C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Oracle\BIPublisher\TemplateBuilderforWord\tmp\tmp\SOMEFILENAME.PDFDOCXLS) DO START %~sa We are using Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit for business. In the console, if I right click and choose add to anti-exploit exclusion list, I received an error of no payload checksum. Is there way to have an exclusion on this without excluding all cmd.exe ?
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