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  1. As always, thank you for the speedy response. Sometimes I feel the fast support on this forum is as helpful as having the program itself. Yes, I was referring to the gray banner that comes up on the right hand side of the screen that that notifies an update is available. I looked in the reports tab, and saw all the scheduled scans etc., but I wondered if maybe a record of the update would be feature there. It lead me to question if there was a place I could authenticate if I DL'd an official update. After having a few computer issues (which may just be a hardware thing) I was looking to confirm that I didn't do anything stupid. Thank you again for all the help here, and appreciate all of your efforts.
  2. Hi-- This may be a silly question, but is there a way to determine if the malwarebytes in-app download pop-up is authentic? I did an update and my computer is acting strange (arrow key stuck moving down, etc.). I'm assuming it is a result of some very slight water damage I experienced to laptop while it was in a closed position. That said, the only other thing that has changed was a malwarbytes download, and I'm just doing my best to rule everything out and be diligent. Just want to make sure everything is the way it should be. Thanks for your continued help on this forum. All the best.
  3. Thank you so much for your help on this matter Treed! You've been incredibly helpful both here and behind the scenes and it's been an extremely easy and informative experience.
  4. Thank you for your insight on this matter. I've also noticed that after installing the latest security update that my computer performance is lagging (10.13.2) particularly when typing. I don't know much about security, but is it safe to send panic report here? Will it reveal my personal information/expose me to threats? I've repeatedly run scans using MWB, and its come up clean. Also have shut down other programs but still lagging. Do you think this is a result of the update or is it something potentially more nefarious? Excuse my ignorance, and I appreciate your advice. Edit: I also wanted to note that I have not had any more Kernel Panic issues since my last post. Only performance issue I'm experiencing seems to be a slight lag that VERY slightly slows down typing and some other things, but it is barely noticeable.
  5. Hi I'm sorry if this post is incredibly ignorant, just trying to stay safe. I was using chrome, a graphic design program (affinity designer) and apple pages, but nothing out of the ordinary for my computer, and it all of a sudden crashed and restarted. The panic report said kernel panic and "panic(cpu 2 caller". This has never happened to me before, so I'm a bit alarmed. Does activity like this suggest that I have some kind of malware or a virus? I scanned with Malwarebytes and it came up clean but I know things can be missed. Should I be alarmed? What are the indicators I should be looking for? Does this have anything to do with that iamroot bug I saw on the malwarebytes blog? Thank you for your time.
  6. Thank you very much for your quick response on this and for giving me the peace of mind. Just to be clear, so I am armed with the knowledge for the future: 1) certain websites use my CPU's power to mine cryptocurrency without giving them any permissions? 2) As long as I avoid these sites, there is no ongoing threat to my computer? Thank you again for your quick response, and knowledge.
  7. Longtime malwarebytes user. Recently became concerned about the threat of potential threats to system after I noticed some lagginess. I downloaded Avast to be safe and to "provide another set of eyes". The scan found several infections that weren't found by malwarebytes and I was hoping of asking one of the trained experts here if any of these files pose a threat to my mac. I'd be appreciative of any help and information you can provide. I really trust you guys and am appreciative of all the good work you do. Thank you in advance.
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