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  1. Hi Can anyone help me understand what is happening when I see a constant stream of these warnings? Different IPs and Ports all the time Is it an outgoing event or incoming? Is it an indication that I might have something nasty trying to connect to nefarious sites via the Smatermail installation? Any suggestions will be gratefully listened to 😉
  2. Thanks exile360, I really appreciate your answers. I am getting hundreds if not thousands of these "attempts" everyday, is the MB (superb) system detecting these inbound connections outside of the firewall (windows own) or inside?
  3. Thanks for the explanation. So, this is an inbound block. There is no email client on the machine. So that IP is the source of a connection trying to run ~\smartermail.exe do I have that correct?
  4. Hi all, in 4.2.0 when the system blocks inbound sites, what is the data in the "File" field?
  5. If fact, really it is not strictly a forum at all is it? Wiki definition of Forum: noun 1. a meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged. It is more like a help ticketing system as nobody can reply unless listed as a helper.
  6. Well that's clear enough, just that it wasn't very visible for new users of this forum.
  7. Hi I posted a reply to a thread, actually I spent a couple of hours making sure it was accurate from my experience and it seems to have been removed. My account states that I posted in that thread but the post does not show after one day or so. It was not contravening the guidelines for posting and to my mind was helpful not only to the OP but to all searching for a solution. My question is why has it been removed?
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