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  1. Running frst or frst64 gives me message from command prompt The subsystem need to support the image type is not present
  2. no luck ..I think the compurer is done. I was able to get into recovery environment and I can't even reset windows 10 or repair ..I think im left with pulling hard drive and formatting and starting over ..I'm inclined to take the hard drive out and attach it to an external enclosure thanks
  3. I think I did it. However upon booting up I sign in and I get black screen with cursor. It appears the computer is running because oddly the whole screen is black but Malwarebytes pops up and I am able to access task manager. Feels like a graphics card thing but I am having trouble getting into safe mode
  4. Ok so this is what I did ..I downloaded the windows media tool that installs windows 10. I followed prompts. It started automatic repair It got me into the recovery console and went into command prompt ..my flash drive has frst, frst64, and txt file. I found the drive letter through notepad and when I tried to run frst and frst64. I got the following error: The subsystem needed to support the image type is not present I also went back into the recovery console and was able to boot to flash drive which I made the recovery drive ..it boots off x: drive now. Same message when I find my flash drive and try to execute. I am currently still recovery mode for fear if I come out and won't be able to get back in
  5. Initially I was able to enter into the recovery environment with your batch file. For some reason when I tried to use the tool it could not find the notepad file on the flash drive. When I tried again I couldn't get into recovery environment via batch file.
  6. It looks like it's a no go. Tried both . I bit of research this problem (failing to boot) seems like it is an hp Pavillion issue. Is there anyway to fix this problem with regular bootup? The only option I didn't change in the bios is clearing secure boot keys ..not sure what that is Or else can you send me the fix with instructions and if I ever get this working I could try it. You've been great. I will give you a donation but I'm bit grumpy right now.
  7. Patriot is the name of USB drive ..maybe I will try another although it shows it's a recovery drive
  8. Hp 23. No go. I attempted to enable legacy devices and boot from USB drive that is listed under both (uefi and legacy) and I just get a blinking cursor and black screen. If I boot unfe uefi usb device it boots to regular windows
  9. I am struggling with this. I got into the bios settings. I changed the boot order to usb hard drive. It then told me that I secure boot configuration that did not allow me to do it. I went into the bios again and disabled the secure boot configuration. Then I got a new message from that there was a change if I wanted accept the change I would have to type in a number and the enter key. I did that several times. (it did not seem it took the input from the keyboard - wireless) then it booted normally with my regular hard drive. Since then - I have restarted and despite the boot order being my usb -hard drive being the first on boot order - it seems to skip usb drive and goes to regular hard drive. I assume when it is right - it will boot from by usb and show some sort of recovery console correct? Any advice appreciated. I will keep trying to figure this out. Possibly an HP pavilion thing.
  10. I do. FYI - it appears that redirects have gone away. (holding my breath)
  11. As you suspected, unable to get into Safe mode or recover mode. Tried multiple methods. keeps bringing me to normal user screen.
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