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  1. Many thanks @AdvancedSetup SIte accessible once more 🙂
  2. I have just tried to access HSBC New Zealand - www.ebanking.hsbc.co.nz - but BrowserGuard reports Website blocked due to phishing As this is a legitimate site can you please whitelist the url? Thank you
  3. Thanks for that! For a PC security company it's strange that they expect everybody to be running an Admin account as a matter of course. I've had issues before with this and pointed it out to them without acknowledgement. I can now submit my file ☺️
  4. Thanks I wanted to delete an account I had set up for testing, so booted into my Admin account. When cleaning/reinstalling Malwarebytes I had used my normal, limited account and accepted the UAC prompt. Immediately the Admin account was running, I got the prompt asking if I wanted to download and run the installation file and save the log. So I decided to run the clean up tool again in full Admin mode. The log is attached in case you still need it. I'll let you know how things develop mb-clean-results.txt
  5. Thanks Shadowwar I have downloaded the clean up tool as directed, but after reboot did not get a prompt to re-install. I therefore downloaded the file from your website and installed that way. I do not have the log file ("mb-clean-results.txt") but can attach the reinstall log for your perusal. A subsequent scan has revealed no issues. MBAM reinstall log.txt
  6. Many thanks, Shadowwar I had a look at the log before sending it and noted that anomaly, which presumably explains why it only seemed to fail on that one occasion. I'll refrain from manually whitelisting for the time being and let Malwarebytes do the checks. I have also used the option to move the file back out of quarantine, though as you say it only appears to have been killed rather than removed on this occasion. Noted re the boot time
  7. Thanks for your messages. I attach the two files requested. I note that although I quarantined the file through MBAM it remained in the original directory. I have not recently updated this program. I have scanned the file individually and no problems were reported. rosetta_4.06_windows_x86_64.exe.zip MBAMSERVICE.LOG Can I add a supplementary question - probably unrelated? My boot time has recently increased substantially, from around 30 seconds to over 100. Not a particular problem, but Wise Care reports that Malwarebytes service is the slowest by far at 54.30 seconds. Is there a known reason for this please?
  8. Sadly the same file has just been reported again I presume that you can still access the zip file above, so this time just attach the new log file. Thanks MBAM ransomware log 2.txt
  9. Malwarebytes has just quarantined a file which I believe to be genuine. Can you please confirm that this is a false positive? I attach the log file and zipped 'offending' file for examination please. MBAM ransomware log.txtMBAM ransomware log.txt Thank you rosetta_4.06_windows_x86_64.exe.zip
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