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  1. Many thanks to you both. I am always wary of the non-standard TLD's and the risks that may be run in accessing them - though for understandable reasons (more specific categorising of data - info for information; biz for business etc) they seem to be on the rise, as against country styles, which don't really mean anything. You cannot assume that the location of the organisation or even host server is anywhere near the suggested suffix to the web address. On a point of interest only - why was my posting moved out into the Chrome subforum this time? Firefox I might have understood 😀
  2. The above search site for the Society of Genealogists is being blocked - Website blocked due to a suspicious top level domain (TLD) Website blocked: sog.ourarchives.info Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocked this website because it may contain scam activity. Can you please confirm that this is a false positive. Many thanks
  3. My TV listing magazine manages its subscriptions online at hxxp://www.buysubscriptions.com I have just tried to login but recveive a Browser Guard warning - Website blocked due to trojan Website blocked: www.buysubscriptions.com Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocked this website because it may contain malware activity. We strongly recommend you do not continue. This should be a legitimate site, though of course may have been hijacked Can you advise please? I cannot find this event in the MBAM logs - I am on version 4.2.3 and
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