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  1. Ok - thanks Porthos. Will do - fingers crossed, as an insurance company being hacked would not be good!
  2. Thanks Porthos I wasn't aware of that site, which I will bookmark for future use 🙂 I'll contact the insurance company direct to take this up with them.
  3. The above insurance company has been blocked, reporting "Website blocked due to phishing" Are you able to remove the block. please? Thanks
  4. Many thanks to you both. I am always wary of the non-standard TLD's and the risks that may be run in accessing them - though for understandable reasons (more specific categorising of data - info for information; biz for business etc) they seem to be on the rise, as against country styles, which don't really mean anything. You cannot assume that the location of the organisation or even host server is anywhere near the suggested suffix to the web address. On a point of interest only - why was my posting moved out into the Chrome subforum this time? Firefox I might have understood 😀
  5. The above search site for the Society of Genealogists is being blocked - Website blocked due to a suspicious top level domain (TLD) Website blocked: sog.ourarchives.info Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocked this website because it may contain scam activity. Can you please confirm that this is a false positive. Many thanks
  6. My TV listing magazine manages its subscriptions online at hxxp://www.buysubscriptions.com I have just tried to login but recveive a Browser Guard warning - Website blocked due to trojan Website blocked: www.buysubscriptions.com Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocked this website because it may contain malware activity. We strongly recommend you do not continue. This should be a legitimate site, though of course may have been hijacked Can you advise please? I cannot find this event in the MBAM logs - I am on version 4.2.3 and
  7. Thanks The second scan gave a clear report - the update file must have been uploaded between my two scans 😃 Updated log attached as requested. False postive 201120 updated.txt
  8. My latest scan has thrown up a longstanding file as Malware.AI.2273668513. Can you please advise if this is a fase positive thrown up by the new scanner? Thanks hide_Reboot.zip False postive 201120.txt
  9. Many thanks @miekiemoes I hoped that would be the outcome, but it is good to get independent confirmation 😃
  10. Having recently installed the upgrade to version 4.2.3 of Malwarebytes, two longstanding files on my PC have become to be reported as threats. I believe that they are both legitimate. The program allows me to read Apple Mac discs. I attach the log, plus the relevant program files duly zipped. For the time being I am just ignoring the detections, but can you please confirm that they are actually benign and add them to the central database of files to exclude from reporting. Please let me know if you need any additional information. Many thanks 127e49.zip MacDrive.
  11. Many thanks @AdvancedSetup SIte accessible once more 🙂
  12. I have just tried to access HSBC New Zealand - www.ebanking.hsbc.co.nz - but BrowserGuard reports Website blocked due to phishing As this is a legitimate site can you please whitelist the url? Thank you
  13. Thanks I wanted to delete an account I had set up for testing, so booted into my Admin account. When cleaning/reinstalling Malwarebytes I had used my normal, limited account and accepted the UAC prompt. Immediately the Admin account was running, I got the prompt asking if I wanted to download and run the installation file and save the log. So I decided to run the clean up tool again in full Admin mode. The log is attached in case you still need it. I'll let you know how things develop mb-clean-results.txt
  14. Thanks Shadowwar I have downloaded the clean up tool as directed, but after reboot did not get a prompt to re-install. I therefore downloaded the file from your website and installed that way. I do not have the log file ("mb-clean-results.txt") but can attach the reinstall log for your perusal. A subsequent scan has revealed no issues. MBAM reinstall log.txt
  15. Many thanks, Shadowwar I had a look at the log before sending it and noted that anomaly, which presumably explains why it only seemed to fail on that one occasion. I'll refrain from manually whitelisting for the time being and let Malwarebytes do the checks. I have also used the option to move the file back out of quarantine, though as you say it only appears to have been killed rather than removed on this occasion. Noted re the boot time
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