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  1. Hi, Just to let you know, my problem seems to be gone now. I uninstalled every program that wasn't essential to how I use the computer and it seems to have deleted the file, wherever it came from. I have been using the internet for 45 minutes now without issues. Thanks for all your help, sorry it took so long to work out what the problem was.
  2. Here are the files. Will see if it is fixed after a restart. Addition2.txt FRST2.txt
  3. Hi Kevin, Attached is the report after I removed things. I followed all your instructions, then tested after the restart by reading my emails in Internet Explorer, proxy server was soon turned on again. Seems to be very persistent. Is there anything else I can try? Thanks. rk_8D97.tmp.txt
  4. I've uninstalled Google Chrome using the program you mentioned, all seemed to go well. I can't use zemana as I have used it before and need to pay to use it again. Anything else I can do?
  5. UPDATE: the proxy hijacker is back, the proxy server was switched on again randomly. What can I try next?
  6. Hi Kevin, Looking at your link for removing all synced data, the only instructions I can see on the page you have linked to involve opening chrome, which I can't do. Is there another way? Thanks.
  7. Hi Kevin, I can't follow those instructions, my Google Chrome won't stay open more than two seconds unfortunately. Proxy issue seems to be completely resolved, switched computer on this morning. Thank you very much.
  8. Hi Kevin, Attached are the results. Seems to have worked so far r.e. the proxy issue but will keep you updated. Depends if it stays that way when I shut down the laptop overnight... Malwarebytes as brought up a new threat now that seems to be related to google chrome. I've had trouble getting google chrome to open for a few weeks, could this be related to that? And if so, do you have any ideas on how to get rid of this new threat? I have of course quarantined it. Thanks! malware scan 2.txt microsoft recovery.txt
  9. Hi, Here are the requested documents. Since the Malwarebytes scan, I tried to delete the quarantined files and remove them with Adwcleaner as explained above, but it hasn't worked. They have reappeared in a Malwarebytes scan that is likely to have the exact same results although its still ongoing. Let me know if I need to requarantine the files for whatever you tell me to do next. Thanks! Addition.txt FRST.txt malware scan.txt
  10. Hi, Can anyone help please? I have a proxy hijacker that keeps turning my proxy settings on. There are 7 files identified by malwarebytes, which I quarantined then deleted. I've also run Adwcleaner as instructed in previous topics on this. Would it help if I just left the files in quarantine on malwarebytes instead of deleting them? I've noticed on other forums that people have run a program called farbar recovery scan, then people have created a fix for them. Is anyone willing to do this for me? Am getting desperate, my laptop is unusable currently. Thanks! UPDATE: Adwcleaner claims there are no malicious files
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