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  1. Oh! My bad! I have v3.3.1.2183 for malwarebytes My CPV was my component package version. UPV is Update package version I was being lazy to save time .
  2. Ah! I believe this has done it! Let it be known that this fixes this kind of problem! Must have been some leftover code from a virus that stayed in the registry keys or something when I removed and reinstalled Malwarebytes before! I will update you if the problem comes back.
  3. Here you go! I tried to enable it 3 times after a computer restart! mb-check-results.zip
  4. Well, I tried quitting it and re opening it, restarted while quit too! It's still not switching over to On. What it does is the bar goes green when I click it, but then it just goes back to white and the little indicator doesn't move. I also get this popup all the time saying malware bytes real time protection is disabled, referring to the web protection one. It pops up all the time. I really like the malicious pages being blocked, and I can live without it, but I just want to make sure something isn't doing this on purpose.
  5. So esentially what this boils down to is that I can't enable my real time web protection. This has been plaguing me for a while now, after 2 full formatted C Drive installs of windows 10. When I install Google Chrome, every once and a while when I do a scan, it says that it found two PUP's deep down in my Appdata Local folder. I delete those, but they come back after a week or so, where do I check to remove those in Chrome? Regarding the MBAM web protection, I suspected this was a rootkit a couple reinstall back, but now I am wondering if there is anything connected to the two PUP's in chrome, because they seem kind of connected? Another weird thing I noticed when self troubleshooting this, there is a firewall addition called: resource://Microsoft.MicrosoftOfficeHub/officehubintl/AppManifest_GetOffice_DisplayName} I don't have any Microsoft office installed, but that entry in the firewall has since then disappeared. Any help is appreciated, I have one other connected hard drive, but I have scanned it about 10 times now (with my whole system scan) and it has found nothing, even with rootkit enabled.
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