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  1. Thanks for the replies!!! I bought my copy of MB at my local tech store. I have have been looking for a tab while I'm logged into MB My Account to enter the license key. But I can't figure out where to do this. Am I just overlooking it or is it simple just not an option? I was able to active MB on the the free trial screen on my task bar using the store purchased key and it works but it didn't have any sort of account registration as I was activating it.
  2. I just bought and installed malwarebytes and installed it. Then I created an account but my license key is not showing up in my account. How do I link then up so I can manage the remaining keys? When I open up my malwarebytes and go to manage my subscription it says "whoops something went wrong" and after signing in it tells me I have no active products. So there is an issue with my license key not being linked to my account, I just can't figure out how to link them.
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