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  1. Well magicshrune, my pal Google brings many results (even this thread came up) but I'm hard pressed to find any actual user comments. Personally, I would be interested to read some of those before making that purchase.
  2. And I don't have a clue but I did pass the information on to Float32 forum....home of the famous JJWalker (coder extraordinaire) http://www.thefloatingpoint.org/main/news.php
  3. And why does the Snoring Loudly Beta have to come with the Beer 6.1? Dang
  4. Firefox 3 and Galeon. I like Galeon because of the bookmarks on the home page. Very handy.
  5. We've got a new kitten. Guess the shoes need put up
  6. Thanks for the warm welcomes and yes, Linux wasn't hacked in that contest. The hackers claimed it was because it's too easy and the real money is in Windows or Mac flaws. So, I guess they didn't want the $10,000 and the new computer? That was the challenge. Just hack any OS. But alas, at the end of the week, Linux stood unscathed. I can honestly say that almost two years of running Linux I have had no problems other than the ones I cause myself
  7. Nice thing about RAM is you can always add when you can. My wife's MB can hold 32 Gigs. I mean, WTH?
  8. I'll go with YoKenny and join the 'ornery' group
  9. Hi Jean. Thanks. Hmmmmm....Hi Jean....why does that sound familiar?
  10. Ha ha. Just kidding. Hello everyone. I found my way here finally from MontanaMenagerie. I've haven't come before because I use only Linux computers for my internet activity so I'm not much help in the 'must protect Windows computer' area. But I'm happy to be here and look forward to meeting y'all. Mac Vice President of RockingMTRanch since 1995
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