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  1. No problems here since upgrading to 2004 using component package 1.0.931in real time.
  2. Don't know if it fixes the problems but Kaspersky have now released a new "Patch F"
  3. Thanks exile360 and LiquidTension, as pointed out if I remove them from the list they reproduce the temporary files straight away on the next restart of Malwarebytes, no big deal as they don't keep adding to the list. Ransomware is disabled, and Kaspersky have now released a new "Patch F" Thanks for the clarification 👍
  4. Hi Erego, go to bottom left and click Start (looks like a small flag) then left click on the cog icon "Settings" and it will open up another menu, left click the one called "Apps" and it should look like this.
  5. Every time Malwarebytes 4 starts up it creates multiple (49 to be exact) ig-49.exe within Kaspersky Manage Applications section. I found another thread which says "IG is part of the new scan engine in Malwarebytes version 4" but why does it create so many instead of just a single entry?
  6. Would this process also apply if doing a Windows 10 upgrade from Windows 7 on the same machine, having to deactivate the licence first before doing the upgrade ??
  7. All settings on all three machines I updated to version 4 imported all existing settings correctly
  8. See Here https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/253165-malwarebytes-not-working-any-more-with-kis-200141085-e/
  9. On the last machine, when the installer runs and then seems to close and open version 3, it's actually giving you the option to upgrade from within version 3 and uses the same install interface once you check for version updates. My bad
  10. Upgraded 3x Windows 7 machines on an over-install of version 3 and all have carried over all the exclusions, including Kaspersky and all the other saved settings from version 3. Running Kaspersky Total Security and no problems up to now. One thing I did notice on the install setup on all machines is that the install quits half way through and the already installed Version 3 opens up, after closing 3 down and re-running the version 4 setup it installed correctly, maybe a glitch on the installer as it replicated on all three installs on windows 7. Still got a windows 10 laptop to
  11. So is this version a free upgrade from version 3, as I have a Lifetime Licence which shows as "Never Expires in my Account Details" ?? Also is it best to remove version 3 and do a clean install of Version 4, or is it okay doing an over install of version 3 and if so will all settings and exclusions etc be picked up on the new version 4. Thankyou
  12. Exactly the same problem reproduced also Version: and update package 1.0.5338
  13. Thanks Porthos, nothing I can put my finger on, although Malwarebytes when it is updating databases does tend to hog the machine, as the laptop becomes quite sluggish until it's finished updating, considering I'm running an i7 core I would expect the machine to be a little more responsive regardless. I have an identical i7 laptop and a main desktop PC and all three running Windows 7 have the same sluggish behaviour. Other than that Malwarebytes 3 runs quite nicely.
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