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  1. You have no idea how much you have helped me. I hope I don't have to write again soon and bother everybody on here with dumb questions......hopefully all will go smooth...............
  2. Yes and my husband installed it on my computer for me. I am sure I still have the disk here.
  3. I didn't. I purchased it from Best Buy so maybe they will tell me I need to pay online or get disconnected and I will. You have been so helpful and I so appreciate your advice. Thank you, thank you.....
  4. Thank you so very much. I also wrote to Malwarebytes but they haven't had time to respond yet. I feel better about all of this now. So I am assuming that when my current subscription expires in May of 2018, I will simply renew what I will have after I do the free upgrade?
  5. I guess I am also asking if I will still have my premium protection?
  6. Well, I am about as useful on this stuff as a screen door on a submarine. Will I get to keep my real time protection? If something goes wrong, I will be lost for sure.
  7. Thank you, Porthos. It has a place to click on, on my actual Malwarebytes page to install it. My question is, will I lose the premium Malwarebytes program I have already paid for plus my real time protection and will my license be deactivated by doing this?
  8. I have premium Malwarebytes that does not expire until the end of May 2018. I keep getting a notice on my Malwarebytes page that says I need to upgrade to a free version I do not want to lose what I have and I read on another forum that if you upgrade to, you will lose your real time protection among other things. Will my license be deactivated and me put in the "free" program and lose what I have paid for until May 2018? Help. I no longer have the green checkmark on my Malwarebytes page but the orange exclamation mark with constant popups telling me I need to upgra
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