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  1. Afternoon I had the same problem on both my machines: Uninstalled MWB (remembering to write down my product key) Reinstalled using clean download from web-site, entered key, installed updates and no more problems. Not happy that I had to waste so much time.
  2. block: Have updated as advised, closed MWB, restarted and the same blocking message comes up as soon as I try and down load a Dropbox file. This has now taken two hours or so of my time tonight, I would like the matter resolved as I do not like have anything unnecessary permanently open.
  3. Seems to have gone rather quiet!! I would really like to take the exclusion off.
  4. Requested update, maybe not the right set and nothing has changed
  5. I had another program show up the same program a Buffalo Terastation navigation executable file. That pop-up has disappeared with the 255 etc exclusion
  6. Negative: removed the exclusion and it came straight back. How do I get the Dropbox update though???
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