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  1. Doing the update seems to have resolved this for me. Not using Dropbox, but had same error.
  2. Looking good here. Nothing for last 20 minutes or more. Something like this happened about 6 or 8 months ago and was also fixed within an hour or two. So I think we might be good. Thanks to all who posted here and let me know I wasn't alone and in dire straits! :-)
  3. Updated about 15 minutes ago and so far, so good!
  4. Thanks for this, Dkone! I think you are probably correct and, if so, they may be a bit overwhelmed at the moment. :-) Hopefully they will resolve soon.
  5. That's good. Seems unlikely we were all infected with something at the same time. Maybe just an update issue with Malwarebytes. I'm not running Dropbox on my Win 7 system with Premium and latest updates. And has been reported on Win 10 as well. So hopefully just a bug and nothing malicious.
  6. Seems like several of us are still on Windows 7. Still the best. :-)
  7. No one knows at this point. My advice is to sit tight until we hear something from support.
  8. No need to worry -- yet. :-) Malwarebytes is blocking the traffic as it should for now. May just be an error in a recent update or something. But we won't know until we gear something from support.
  9. Yes, in my opinion, there could be. But just my opinion. We need to hear from support on this before doing anything, I think.
  10. Putting an exception will stop the notices because it will no longer block the outgoing traffic. Not sure that's wise until we understand what's going on. Better just to let Malwarebytes do its thing until we get some advice here, I think. Just my opinion, of course.
  11. The same is happening to me as well. I am running version Component: 1.0.236 Update: 1.0.3304 Using Chrome browser.
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