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  1. So Pillowfort.io was blocked by Malwarebytes, classified as a Trojan even though it's not. The website itself is not new, it's been around for a while now, I thought I would let you all know that this is a false positive, and the admins of the site are aware of the issue. Their post: https://www.pillowfort.io/posts/518502 pillowfort false positive.txt
  2. Not a problem, hopefully this will be fixed in an update.
  3. I couldn't find the file for Documents and Settings location, but regardless it was most likely just a desktop shortcut. GYAZO GIF files.zip
  4. So the latest scan detected Gyazo's GIF capture feature as trojan.malpack.VB, when it didn't do this previously. I feel this is a false positive. gyazo gif as malware.txt
  5. Yup! Just got my updates! On my laptop so tomorrow I shall do the same for my PC!
  6. Oof, that'd be a small paycheck... Well this is good information to know at the very least!
  7. Aaah so it has to do with installing new air conditioning? I take it those were turned off for the upgrade.
  8. I agree. That last update was so bad, it messed up my laptop. I had to reinstall WIndows.
  9. I'm guessing it was something unscheduled. Something may have happened on their end that they're trying to correct ASAP.
  10. Perhaps a status for the tray icon when you hover over it? Saying "Updates: Servers Under Maintenance". Same for when you open the program too.
  11. Oh thank goodness, I was worried something broke with the latest update. Well, something probably did hence the maintenance. I'm just glad it'll resolve itself soon.
  12. Same for me. Malwarebytes version 3.5.1 Update Package 1.0.5338 on Windows 10 Home Version 1803. Something must have messed up on their latest update, hopefully they can fix it ASAP.
  13. I just now realized that somehow, I made this in the wrong area. if someone is willing to move this to false positives or lock it, that's be greatly appreciated.
  14. I recently installed Chrome onto my laptop in order to use a certain website (worldspinner), and Malwarebytes picked up its Web Data and Sync Data as a PUP. Since I have used Chrome in the past this should not be picking up as such, and I have not installed any suspicious/malicious extenstions either. Chrome's PUPs.txt
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