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  1. This is the error in malwarebytes and in my shell. I don't think its about having a repro or not, I think that these are common binaries used by malware and ransomware. My point is that I would like to have a choice whether I allow its execution or not, show me the arguments and any file involved and let me choose. Security is about tradeoffs, I would like to have some setting to allow me to choose.
  2. Every single time I try to upgrade my linux subsystem, I get some random file blocked from execution (dash this time) and boom, Linux subsystem is broken till I uninstall and reinstall. I get that executing a bash/dash/any shell is dangerous, but is there a way to detect that they are running under the Linux subsystem and check what they do, not what they are? Malwarebytes has helped me in the past, so far has been a trustworthy company, but security shouldn't kill usabilty. I should be the one to decide about security tradeoffs. Please, if a shell executable is being run, allow me to decide if I allow it or not before blocking, also allowing browsing what is being executed would be a plus for expert users. Bonus points if you automatically whitelist any ubuntu shell (they are supposed to be crypto signed).
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