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  1. I am the unlucky recipient of this nasty critter. I've thrown everything including the kitchen sink at it. Malware found 24 problems and cleaned them up. Yahoo's Anti-Spy found quite a few and cleaned them up. Norton's 360 didn't do crap!!! Plus they wanted $100 to fix what I paid them to do with 360. I've used WinPatrol to clean up problems to no avail. Windows updates don't install. I tried to uninstall IE6 from the control panel Add/remove, but it's not even there to remove. I even reloaded XP to no avail. IE6 won't let me download, so I can't upgrade. It then loads another IE6 window and flickers at me. Outlook works ok thank goodness. The desktop picture loads OK, but disappears as soon as it loads the icons. I know it's still there, just can't get it to come to the surface. Looks like I'm going to have to wipe my drive clean and start over. I'd love to get the idiots who think this is so much fun to cause people havoc, hours if not days of lost time, frustration and money.
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