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  1. Hi everyone! This is only my second post ever on this forum, and I am not very experienced when it comes to antiviruses and antimalware. My question is, is Malwarebytes Free (for me, it is version 3.3.1) good enough to protect my computer on its own? Should I upgrade to premium or download another antivirus?
  2. Yes, me and this other person are both using Windows Admin account when using Chrome.
  3. Yeah, I can't use this computer for a little bit after, there are two accounts signed into Chrome and I think mine's clean, but the person running the other account stubbornly refuses to help me fix the viruses, they even claim Malwarebytes is a virus and the PUPs detected are clean
  4. So I have recently done many scans with the Malwarebytes antivirus running the latest update and each time it has detected one PUP (Optional.Ask) and three of the following: PUP.Optional.SweetPacks No matter how many times I quarantine and delete these PUPs they always reappear when I scan again. They seem to be in the Chrome files but they always seem to replace themselves. I have also noticed that the Ad Blocker extension I have has blocked a larger amount of 'ads' recently. Not sure if that has to do with anything... Screenshots will be below.
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