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  1. Hi Robwild. I didn't get so far as installing it. As I got a malware report I advised IOBit customer service that I wouldn't install software that was reported as malware and I asked for my money to be refunded. They agreed to refund me. I would need to check the credit card account to verify. ASC should be boycotted until they clean up their act.
  2. Hi Blender. Many thanks for your input. I guess people have mixed opinions about AdvancedSystemCare, and I accept everyone's right to choose for themselves. It's a shame that a paid for program is seen to be unacceptable by Malwarebytes but at least I now have the option to add it as an exception to Malwarebytes if I want to (if I can see how to do it - I haven't looked yet). Thanks again, Alan
  3. Today I made an online purchase of IOBit Advanced System Care (Version 11) and downloaded direct from the IOBit site. I was unable to install it because Malwarebytes reported the executable as a PUP and sent it to the quarantine. It is described in the report as PUP.Optional.AdvancedSystemCare and gives an ID of 1217. I stopped trying to install it and would like to know whether this product can be trusted, in which case I would have thought that Malwarebytes would have included it into their database. Could you please advise me whether it is safe to add it as an exclusion to Malwarebytes AntiMalware, or should I ask for my money back (Which would probably not be forthcoming). Thank you for any advice offered. I have a far greater trust in Malwarebytes than I do of IOBit. Do you need further information? I have located the JSON log file but I'm not sure it contains much more information. I have attached a screenshot of the report.
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