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  1. I've waited a couple of days before responding to Devin's suggestion. The route didn't quite show as you suggested, but I followed the first bit, then had to guess my way round the page that came up. There was no "stay downgraded" wotsit, so clicked on what I thought might apply, (I'm no PC nerd) & I've had no popups since. So hopefully I've got rid. Thanks for your help. Don't ask me what I did, I haven't a clue now!
  2. Well since my last post, the popups have strangely stopped. My action to switch the show notifications to off seems to have been on a delay. But anyway they're gone. My thanks to nikhils.
  3. Hi nikhils, Did as per your solution, but still getting popup. I tried to show a screenshot of the setting, but the forum wont allow?
  4. Hi nikhils, Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I have no idea how to access the "Show Malwarebytes notifications in Windows System Tray" I've trawled around my laptop, but struggling.
  5. Hi all, newbie here. Unsure which forum to place my first post, but here goes. Some time back I signed up for a free Malwarebytes trial which has now ended. Instead, I have installed a totally free version of Malwarebytes to run alongside Kaspersky Total Protection 2018. Now I'm getting the Malwarebytes pop-up trying to get me to sign up for the Premium version, which I do not want. The only way I can remove it, is to click top right, (x) if I tick the lower box, (no thank you) then ok, it goes to the Malwarebytes site to sign up. I need to remove this irritating anomaly. It is not listed in the programmes etc. except the free version. Any help appreciated. GSDFandF
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