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  1. @Tarun - are you a member of malwarebytes team?
  2. following my previous topic where Andres Ortiz (Malware Intelligence Analyst) declared we're a PUP and closed the topic, here is my response This is FALSE POSITIVE, Fast! is not a PUP 1. It's a real product - changing the way PCs work using predictive algorithms 2. it is NOT obtrusive, misleading, or deceptive advertising, branding, or search practices 3. We are NOT using pop-ups, pop-unders, ad-insertion, ad-overlays, ad replacement 4. We don't do excessive or deceptive distribution, affiliate or opt-out bundling practices which may or may not include SEO poisoning techniques 5. We do not practice aggressive or deceptive behavior especially surrounding purchasing or licensing, including using affiliates & third parties who use different tactics or techniques to get users to purchase, than what is available from the manufacturer's website 6. We do not perform unwarranted, unnecessary, excessive, illegitimate, or deceptive modifications of system settings, security settings or configuration (including browser settings and toolbars that bring no additional value over standard Operating System and legitimate application settings) 7. We are not using fake installers for commonly used software (such as Adobe Flash Player) to push your product 8. We don't find anything and are not using exaggerated findings (such as claiming temp files, cookies, registry entries, etc are harmful) as scare tactics to get users to purchase 9. We are not using technical support scam tactics 10. One click full uninstall, definitely not difficulty uninstalling or removing the software 12 . We are improving user experience, not hurting or diminishing end user experience 13. No other practices generally accepted as riskware, scareware, adware, greyware, or otherwise commonly unwanted software by the user community We do nothing of the above - Please REMOVE us from your listings
  3. virustotal says you are blocking https://veryfast.io It has nothing malicious. Please remove from your listings Thanks
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