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  1. I have two policies I've created to disable everything, and nearly disable everything (real time protection, updates, Etc.) for troubleshooting purposes. When I'm working on an endpoint with problems, I want my AV solutions out of the way in case they're interfering somehow. But whenever I move an endpoint to one of these policies, it seems upon the next refresh a red ominous alert appears at the lower right indicating a restart is required to uninstall. The option to postpone is there, but . . . I DO NOT want to uninstall! In fact, I'd like the opposite - an option in the console to intentionally install MBEP at will should an endpoint be knowingly retiring (separate but related item).
  2. Thanks Dyllon! I'm finally getting back around to this . . . I have not located my license key. In the portal, under my name (upper right corner), there is a "My Account" selection. None of the "tabs" on the left, including License Information, show the key. There is only a listing showing the license for Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection, Subscription, and the expiration date (late this year). Update, I just looked and found our "Product Key" in my original purchasing email, in the form of XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX . That must be it.
  3. I've installed 2 MalwareBytes Endpoint Protection on Windows XP Pro endpoints. On each, now everytime someone logs on, a File Explorer window opens to the Program Files folder for MalwareBytes. That's going to confuse the population of users (and entice experimentation). I've yet to figure out what's causing it! It's not in the Startup folder in the Start menu, nor did a registry search give me an obvious clue why it's happening. I found the entry to start the task tray icon, and that's working. Please help, I'd like to get rid of this annoyance.
  4. MalwareBytes Endpoint Protection for Business (Windows): I know this is a huge request, but there is effectively no GUI for end users. Only an (apparently) non-functional tray icon. I don't even see a Start menu folder. Tinkering around, I discovered you can CTRL+RightClick and start a threat scan - but not a hyper scan or anything else. In our previous (and still many current) MalwareBytes Enterprise, I had set up policies for "silent", "limited", and "power" users. Please consider adding a useful GUI, at least for power users to I can allow those more technically proficient and trustworthy to be able to make at least temporary changes . . . like for a time period before settings revert back to the policy.
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