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  1. Hey Kevinf80, Here's the logs from the scan. Thanks -B-Rye RG.txt
  2. No redirects, but there is random hang ups and when the computer is woke from sleeping its pretty much useless and I'm forced to reboot. System restore doesn't complete successfully and there is high cpu usage and disk usage.
  3. Finished the scans. The logs are posted. I really appreciate your help. 2017.11.16-18.14.52-i0-t92-d1.txt Fixlog.txt
  4. Yes when I upload it to virustotal.com it's name is qgyf.sys
  5. Hey Kevin, Here is the URL: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/48689e617ca4f98dfde1dbd7db56817a56b7447a31cb1a52e19007209b2ee407/detection
  6. Thank you for replying. I have done the recommended scan and have attached the results. Addition.txt FRST.txt mwbts.txt
  7. Have a weird issue with my laptop that has not happened before. I do regular scans and have not had a problem before, but I suspect there is something I'm missing. My computer if left alone for a while 15+ will be very slow when I come back to it. Power settings are set to sleep, but sometimes it does not sleep. Folders either do not load on click or when they do it takes a long time a freezes. I am forced to reboot and the startup time has been very long lately. High disk and CPU usage is common. I have scanned multiple times with different software and they both come back clean. (Malewarebyt
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