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  1. Malwarebytes is not responding when required. This has been the case for weeks. I have to fight it to get it started! I have en.softonic popups on laptop and want them gone.
  2. Hello Ron, I just found my activation key - March 2017 and activated it. Today happens to be the renewal date. So, for a whole year, the account was not activated! I have again confirmed I want to renew Malwarebytes. Hope two payments will not be taken? My Premium Account says it is for 3 items - does this include my phone? Thanks for your help. Regards, Lynne
  3. No - my payment is for Malwarebytes on Laptop Windows 10. Even though I pay, I do not receive an activation code and so I only have the FREE version. While making that last payment, Malwarebytes suggested I try it on my android phone - so I agreed and was told it downloaded. There is no Malwarebytes on my phone AND I only have FREE version on laptop - even though I pay. Is it really worth all this hassle?
  4. FURTHER TO ABOVE Tried to email Malwarebytes my problem BUT they run a NO REPLY system which is always a sign of poor Customer Service. So will continue here ... An email just asked me to sign up for an account - even though I am logged in to an account. I followed instructions - set up another account and message says: You don't have any subscriptions right now, but if you purchase one, you'll see it here. So what am I paying for and where does the money go? I want this sorting out today. I can't keep trying to activate my Malwarebytes subscription. I have other things to do! It should happen automatically. Regards, Lynne Haywood
  5. Even though I pay for Malwarebytes, my 'front end access' always states I am using Malwarebytes FREE. I have just paid again - BUT no email from Malwarebytes with Activation Code AND at suggestion of Malwarebytes while I was making my last payment, I agreed to installation of Malwarebytes on my android phone. I was informed Malwarebytes had downloaded to my phone BUT where is it? Does Malwarebytes actually exist or is it Malware? - Lynne
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