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  1. Installed it on my main pc again.. It seems to work now. Didn't even clean registry entries, but it didn't remember the keys so I had to find my text file with it. Luckily I found it and my premium is again activated. Setup didn't remember my earlier scans so that's what I have to do now to get rid of the ugly exclamation mark in systray Hopefully is works as intended now
  2. Did the same an hour ago. didn't work then. Next time I will use mb clean and enter my code..
  3. Seems to be working on virtualbox for now. Will wait for reports before I install it again on my pc.. Time on pic is in CET ;-)
  4. Didn't find it in the link, but google helped me to find it :-) But thank you for your effort :-)
  5. Thanks for the staff to reply on weekends.. "Following it"
  6. Still no go on win10 insider on virtualbos. It updated now.. Will install it again my pc when it works in virtualbox win
  7. Do u have a link (on mb domain) to the tools ? The link om mb site doesn't seem to work. Got a download link ?. Just seem to be a link to the forum page
  8. Do u have a link (on mb domain) to the tools ? The link om mb site doesn't seem to work. Got no download link. Just a link to the forum page
  9. Update.. Same thing happened in win10 insider build 17074 on virtualbox just now.. I guess mbam is botched for the moment.. I guess there will be no pornsites or torrents this weekend
  10. Seems to be a server fault on their side. Guess that it won't be fixed now since it is weekend.. Haven't happened to me before.. Will try to install it again later. Mbam I guess is running as a service (with SYSTEM rights) and should not be running as adm. You should not have to worry about privileges
  11. Is there a utility to remove the registry keys from the app also ? Better to have a clean install. My codes are saved somewhere so I can always activate it again. :-) I will start virtualbox with windows 10 insider and see if it works there. Yeah, I used a license there also. got 3 of those :-) Update.. Mbam works fine on virtualbox with win 10 insider build 17074. Hmm
  12. Wouldn't go so far as to call it crap. It has saved my online life many times. Update.. I had to uninstall my premium MB. I caused my browsers and win10 to crash.. Got no ugly reports from windows defender, and have not downloaded anything harmful. But what now ?
  13. Same issue here. Started yesterday :-( Is it a botched win update that's causing it ? Can't start web prot, but the other 3 is running. Got a message about the licensing server also.. But my license is not due for renewal until feb 21.. Checked my Hosts file. Nothing there. Web protection is vital to me, as I'm all over the internet And yes. I'm using the current MB and definitions
  14. Hi. Long time premium user here. Using MB (current) and I don't seem to be able to start the web protection after a restart on win10 pro. It says "Starting" forever.. The other realtime protections seems ok. Reinstalled mb but the same.. Now it's non responsive too.. I need to renew my subs 21 Feb and my old credit card is invalid now. Edited billing to use Paypal, but I don't know if it went through. Will be kepping an eye on it. Don't want my Premuim to expire :-)
  15. Hello there. I seem to have lost my account (My account) on your web site. I created a new account and can log in, but it doesn't have any subscriptions. How do I add my Anti-Malware Premium to the account ? I have the Id and license key and Malwarebytes is working properly on windows 10.
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