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  1. @Zynthesist @CSProf OMG Guys! I saw these posts after running a plethora of adware removal programs. I thought a Chinese company that I had been corresponding with via email had given me a nice little "present". Talk about a heart attack!🤪 But as usual, Malwarebytes was quick off the mark and provides an actual fix within hours! Constantly impresses with you guys! You should be proud of yourselves! 👍
  2. I seem to have fixed it myself. Either freeing up space on my OS drive fixed it or some random update. Seems like the staff forgot about me.....
  3. Hi Devin, No C: drive is not compressed. I haven't ran any disk de-frag. Only disk optimiser software is Samsung Magician, but haven't used it in over a year. I did find only 1.43 GB of space left when I just checked it for compression. I transferred some large files off to free up some space. Having said that, I do have a system managed 16GB page file on it - not sure why it would run out of space? Unless it was to do with that RAM bug malwarebytes had the other week?
  4. Had this for the last couple of days. I am assuming the BSOD happens when malwarebytes scans late at night when I am asleep: Unable to rename mbamswissarmy.sys (I guess you don't want the bad guys renaming it or elevating permissions either.) any idea on a fix? BSOD 150218.docx
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