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  1. I have the exact same issue on a system that was working fine. It started getting flaky, taking multiple attempts to connect, and now it always fails.
  2. So you said they are unblocking algolia.net - can you tell me why it was blocked to begin with? Why the change? Was I, or am I at risk from something there? As for repeating the test, when I saw it the 1st time, I clicked "allow for this site". I don't see these pages in any allow list. How do I remove them to retest for you?
  3. After I allowed the google-analytics I got 32 hits from another site. BG-Logs_v2.2.15_2020-11-16_75018413.rar
  4. Hmm, I didn't have the icon pinned (malwarebytes extension) but I did and found it. Looks like it's www.google-analytics.com is triggered by their search? This is blocked by default? BG-Logs_v2.2.15_2020-11-16_7459953.rar
  5. Ok, so I really don't know much about this extension. 1) where do I find the logs to send you. 2) I don't have a "browser guard button" on my toolbar, or am I looking at the wrong toolbar. Interestingly, now that I allowed this site, even if I remove the exception, it no longer fails. Maybe it needed to store something and now that it has...
  6. I use documentation at a gitbook site (app.gitbook.com) that has search capabilities. If the browser guard extension is on, I cannot search. Can I somehow provide you with logs to tell me if its ok to add an exception? Turning this extension off does solve the problem. However, sometimes it works without turning it off. Really weird.
  7. Not sure how to even find the ticket # which is why I finally posted here again. Is there no way to find your personal tickets on the site? I've searched all my mail folders. Just my welcome and forum message notifications and my initial forum account creation message.
  8. So I submitted a ticket back on 12/24. I know its been the holidays, but where can I find the status of the ticket?
  9. I have a 2 device license. So help desk or licensing support? Where is the help desk? I didn't see the spot browsing about. So help desk is where
  10. My wife's hard drive took a dive and I've reinstalled windows 7 and malwarebytes. However, when we type in my key, it says to many uses. It's just my PC and hers, but this is a fresh windows install on a new HD for her. I have not yet reactivated her windows if that matters. I was going to wait until after xmas just in case I need to call MS (I think we do now, right) since its a new HD.
  11. drool


    Not sure I have the correct file, doesn't look human readable. Attaching a couple. Had to zip the exe to get the site to let me attach it. mbae-default.log MBAMSERVICE.LOG eqgame.zip
  12. drool


    Running an old version of eqgame.exe (Everquest). Get something similar to this person: https://www.google.com/url?q=https%3A%2F%2Fforums.daybreakgames.com%2Feq%2Findex.php%3Fthreads%2Fmalwarebytes-vs-eqgame-exe.244923%2F&sa=D&sntz=1&usg=AFQjCNHLDTDl__Gd7dVzduJtvBSUaJOVMw Malwarebytes_eqgame.exeQuarantined.txt
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