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  1. Of course, the screen shot shows the close button -- but on the screen it ends at quarantined So, i guess it won't let me show you what i see - hmmm
  2. Unfortunately, the notice i get does not allow me to move it -- so i can't hit the close button because it is not "there" . Is there something to do to move it? I don't mean to be a pain, but i have tried swiping over to see if i hit a button, but, alas, doesn't work because it is too far right, and i can't move it despite my crossing fingers and every thing. sigh....
  3. I don't have a close option. When i go to Notifications, Malwarebytes Agent -- i turned off all the options and it says Not in Notification Center and despite re-boot message is still there. There must be something obvious i am not doing [love my Mac, but admit to non-expertise].
  4. I am on a Mac so i don't think i can do Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST). Other options?
  5. I have a message: "Mawarebytes: Mawarebytes quarantined. A restart is required." My computer has been restarted and shut down. But the message never goes away. I went in to the system in the Clear Quarantine. No change. could this be a sneaky malware attack?!?
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