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  1. Today I realised after a malwarebytes scan that I have the babylon PUP infecting(?) google chrome. I have tried many tools including malwarebytes, avast, ADWcleaner, FRST etc to try and diagnose and resolve the problem but with no luck. I (think) I have narrowed the problem down to a single file: C:\Users\"Username"\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Secure Preferences There is a line in this file which sets a startup URL to "http://search.babylon.com/?affID=111434&tt=010712_4&babsrc=HP_ss&mntrId=6e7008aa00000000000090a4dea255ab""http://search.babylon.com/?affID=111434&tt=010712_4&babsrc=HP_ss&mntrId=6e7008aa00000000000090a4dea255ab" I can manually delete this file, but every time I start chrome, it is added again? I have no idea what else I can do so any help will be greatly appreciated
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