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  1. Hello Porthos, Yes, I did uninstall it due to the protection constantly turning itself off. I then purchased the Kaspersky but did not install the Kaspersky on this particular laptop, deciding instead to give Malwarebytes another chance because I really like it. I reinstalled the Malwarebytes and found the same problem with the protection being turned off and now I find that I have to reapply the license on three occasions. I'm not bad mouthing the product. I simply don't want to deal with the ongoing problems with the software. I think Malwarebytes Premium is an outstanding application. I appreciate your offer of assistance.
  2. It's bad enough that several times a week my Malwarebytes Premium protection turns itself off and I have to apply an already applied update, reboot and restart. That particular problem has not been fixed, regardless of what I read about the problem being fixed in these forums. I now find that, for the third time in as many days, my Malwarebytes Premium has been switched to the free version and I have to reapply the license number to run the premium version I paid for. There's no excuse for this. I purchased a five license Kaspersky Total Security 2018 a few weeks ago to use on my other laptops, desktops and mobile phone. I'm going to uninstall Malwarebytes Premium and start using the Kaspersky application on this laptop also. I'm not going to waste any more of my time dealing with Malwarebytes problems that should not exist. It's not worth the wasted time, aggravation and frustration.
  3. This has been an ongoing problem for me for months; update, reboot, reboot, update, reboot, update, reboot, reboot, etc, etc, etc. I got tired of dealing with it so I uninstalled Malwarebytes and purchased Kaspersky Total Security 2018.
  4. Today is 11/10/2017. I'm running Windows 10 Pro x64 and I'm using Malwarebytes Premium, Version, component package 1.0.212, update package 1.0.3225. I've spent quite some time researching this problem and it seems that this problem is nothing new but rather more of the same old, same old problem (Malwarebytes Web Protection Won't Start) that Malwarebytes seems incapable of fixing. I cannot start Malwarebytes Web Protection. It simply says "Starting" and eventually turns itself off. I cannot enable by right clicking the Malwarebytes icon in my taskbar. Rebooting does not help. Uninstalling and reinstalling does not solve the problem. I finally decided to take the plunge and subscribe to Malwarebytes Premium. That was a mistake I will not repeat. Once this subscription is over I will not renew. This is an ongoing problem with Malwarebytes that keeps rearing its ugly head from time to time and quite frankly, there's absolutely no excuse for it.
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