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  1. My computer crashes almost instantly when I swith it on. I tried to do a factory refresh however it told me I had to phone the manufacturer. When I pohoned them they told me my entire windows xp 2006 was corrupted and I should reinstall it from the windows xp disc which came with the computer. Does this sound reasonable. Some people having been telling me I have a build of dust inside the machine!
  2. My computer crashes almost instantly when I switch it on. I have managed to run the quick scan using Malware bytes. I am planning to do a factory refresh, does anyone have any suggestions. I haven't done a factory refresh before so I am a bit anxious about this.
  3. I have tried the anti vurus option an it didn't detect anything. What I'm trying to say is that i don't know how to back everything up properly.
  4. Why do I need to check the warranty? I think my computer has a virus I can't track down. My main problem is making sure everything I need us backed up and that the virus doesn't return from the backup.
  5. My computer crashes almost instantly when I switch it on so it looks as though I need to do a factory restore which I haven't done before but I am deeply concerned. The files I really need are: Documents (shouldn't be a problem) Anti-virus package (don't know how to do this) Wireless Internet settings (don't know how to do this) The system restore also seems to be onboard instead of a disk. I'm also concerned that if I do a back up of important how do i know that I won't put the virus back on my computer. I'm really concerned by this, I don't want to loose my anti-virus package or my Internet
  6. I work from home and I am having a terrible time as my computer keeps crashing. I ran Anti-Malwarebytes a week ago which clear a "nics32" file which was flagged as a warning but it still keeps crashing. Is it possible to run a report which identifies the problem? Many thanks if you can help.
  7. Thanks guys I am going to run that but what is "nicsk32" is it something that should be on my computer but is infected or something that shouldn't be on my computer at all?
  8. My computer keeps crashing so I have checked the device manager. It tells me that I have an error with the "nicsk32". I have searched around and as far as I can tell it should be disabled but I am concerned as I dont know what it is. As far as I can tell it is a malware problem. Can anyone advise me please?
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