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  1. The message they show at this site is precisely the one that I was receiving. What made it a particular nuisance was that clicking on "OK" or the CLOSE button did nothing. I found that suggested fix ( “SDAV.dll” file) and tried it early on when I was trying to solve the problem. It did nothing to eliminate the error message being displayed on shutdown. "You are strongly encouraged to send the file to the developers of 'the application'..." Would have been nice if they had said which "application" to send the file to! LOL I inquired at Bitdefender tech support and they knew right awa
  2. Bitdefender said the problem was due to Spybot Search & Destroy, not their software. I finally had to use Revo Uninstaller Pro to remove all traces of Spybot S&D. The problem appears to be solved. No error on shutdown, and the .dmp file is gone from C:\windows\temp.
  3. I have a problem that is just an annoyance and not any kind of threat I don't think. I keep getting an error box message that Bitdefender threatscanner has a problem as the computer shuts down. I deleted the .dmp file from the C:\windows\TEMP directory, but the file keeps getting rewritten apparently on boot up. I've tried some of the "fixes" found on the web, to no avail. I get the impression from what I've read that this may be related to having more than one virus program or that many antivirus programs use this bitdefender element. I have little expertise in this stuff. I use Webr
  4. Update: I attempted to rename "explorer.exe" back to "mbam.exe" but kept getting notification that I "need administrative permission" to rename. Incidentally, when initially renaming this file, I was unable to rename it with just any random name such as "xmbam.exe". It had to be "explorer.exe". I didn't bother to try renaming it to "wuauclt.exe or winlogon.exe" as suggested in the forum article ( For those having trouble running Malwarebytes Anti-Malware - Am I infected? What do I do? ). So I uninstalled Malwarebytes from the control panel, ran MB-Clean-3.10.1031, and reinstalled the
  5. Yes, by clicking on the shortcut which still is set to run mbam.exe, Malwarebytes runs and works perfectly. After renaming mbam.exe to explorer.exe, the shortcut icon does not have the MB logo any more but still runs mbam.exe. To be sure, I just now did a scan after rebooting my computer, and there are no infections. Scan log is attached. Next test will be to see if I am able to rename "explorer.exe" back to to "mbam.exe" and see if that works. If not, I will uninstall Malwarebytes and reinstall and let you know what happens. Malwarebytes scan 11-10-17.txt The source of informa
  6. I'm new to the forum and had the same problem earlier. mbam.exe would not run. Looking at the task manager, the tray application was running though. I found a fix which entailed renaming mbam.exe as "explorer.exe" and this allowed the program to run using the same shortcut. After scanning, I found 5 infections, attached file. Also Rootkit Fileless. I quarantined them and deleted. I believe they are gone. I suspect that a file I ran by mistake may have caused the problem. I saw a little popup advising me to run "firefox patch.js". Unfortunately I did so without thinking. Is this the k
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