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  1. Does malwarebytes scan all profiles for user accounts from the supervisor account on Vista or does each account need to scan their own profile? Sorry, I did search and couldn't find my answer in the sea of threads. Thanks
  2. I noticed even though I turned it off in the program that the service for it was still starting so I disabled that also admin tools. I don't have the paid version of mbam so I'm probably not much help but just throwing out an idea.
  3. Have you turned off windows defender? It is on by default in win 7 and could be conflicting with mbam.
  4. When I run a scan does it scan all users and remove everything from them or do I have to log on as each user account and scan from them? Thanks
  5. If anyone is interested what I did was follow PRM753 suggestion and clicked on here looked in the registry keys and what I deleted was anything I found that was listed as MBAM etc. can't exactly remember the whole line but stated out with MBAM and rebooted and the pinned option to scan with was gone.
  6. Yes thank you very much it is gone now. Now I don't have to explain to them why it doesn't work
  7. Hey thanks alot I think it's gone now, will reboot and see if it's still gone.
  8. Thanks but not sure exactly which one I'm looking for.
  9. Will download and install and let you know. Thanks
  10. Hi, I did uninstall thru add remove program and reinstalled and uninstalled again. What I mean by right clicking is when I right click on an icon on the desktop the choice is there to scan with malwarebytes antimalware. Yes free version.
  11. Yes I've done that several times. Still there. Thanks
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