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  1. Updates applied and new scan is clean. Thanks
  2. Having just installed Malwarebytes 3.6.1 and run a scan I get two significant alerts - which weren't appearing before. I'm concerned of a possible false positive here. Files: C:\windows\system32\tcpsvcs.exe C:\windows\syswow64\tcpsvcs.exe Alert: Trojan.PasswordStealer Both files are around 12KB in size and seem correctly signed. Windows Defender does not pick them up as suspicious.
  3. This behaviour is very strange. I have signed out of Chrome, then shut down Chrome, then removed the errant files. I have then rebooted and opened Windows Explorer to find the files have returned, despite Chrome not being run. Anyhow, does anyone know how to remove the Search Engines with a script or single command? I have many, and removing them manually one at a time is taking ages.
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