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  1. Just an update to all of this, we have 172 machines with MBAM installed over 80ish sites. Mix of Win 10 and 7. 151 of them had to be updated in safe mode. Those group policies you see are from Foolish IT's CryptoPrevent program that is also installed on all of them Thanks again for the help. Jeff
  2. It is in a work environment, but no group policies entered. I'll have to look at the logs to see what you are talking about. Uninstalling in Safe Mode worked, but a pain to do. Have seen the issue on multiple sites with multiple machines, at least it can be done. Had similar problems before with other V3 updates. This particular store has 6 machines and had to update 4 of them in safe mode. Thanks for the help.
  3. I'll try removing in safe mode and try again. Problem is that I seeing the same error on multiple machines when trying to upgrade. Thanks. Jeff
  4. Cannot uninstall, update or remove 2029 to 3031. Error pic and logs attached Bicycle Works FRST.zip
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