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  1. How legit is this? Hoping this is not part of China's propaganda. The world is badly suffering from this Covid19 virus, imagine how many people have died.
  2. what does artificial kidney made of? and any side effects?
  3. The comments here are really helpful, people are so techie.
  4. I'm planning to watch an old movie tonight...Hollow Man.
  5. Very true. Sometimes envy and discontentment cause a person to experience depression and anxiety. One friend of mine even decided to seek help from ReGain because she noticed that her anxiety is worsening to the point where it is already affecting her relationship with her friends because of things she is seeing on FB. It helped her to focus on positive things instead of thinking negatively when she sees good things happening to her friends and relatives.
  6. Most friends of mine are experiencing this Facebook anxiety, but they can't refrain themselves from using this social media. I'm not so much into FB so I don't understand much about it. Reading and searching about their issues, I found out that it's not just them who are experiencing this. Many FB users have increased their anxiety levels. They keep on checking updates, making them feel inadequate, and lose self-esteem. This can be bad, but I believe everything has it's positive and negative effect on people. I see on FB positivity posts and inspiring quotes and videos. I focus more on these feeds than on the selfies and other things. I feel happy for people who share their travel and experiences and feel inspired by them. Can't we just focus on the good things and be happy! Can you share your thoughts on these or at least give tips on how we should enjoy the privilege of having FB in our lives. Let us all inspire and spread positivity with our thoughts!
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