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  1. inspiredwoman

    Virus on Mac?

    Hi. Whenever I'm using Chrome or even Safari, a new tab keeps opening by its own and showing random sites that I don't visit. I read from somewhere that it could be a sign of virus. How do I stop it from opening a new tab?
  2. inspiredwoman

    What are you watching ?

    I'm planning to watch Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding. Can you suggest a good source? Thanks.
  3. inspiredwoman

    What are you listening to?

    This has been my favorite part of the forum. Anyway here's what I'm listening to right now:
  4. inspiredwoman

    key not working

    I am glad you found the solution.
  5. inspiredwoman

    Formatted today

    Cool name!
  6. inspiredwoman

    Top ten laptop brands

    I personally like ASUS or MSI.
  7. inspiredwoman

    What are you listening to?

    What If by Jason Derulo
  8. inspiredwoman

    Hard disk Boot Error!

    Put your hard disk as the 1st boot in bios. Hope it helps.
  9. inspiredwoman

    New to forum

    Happy Holidays!
  10. inspiredwoman

    online chat rooms

    Thank you for your suggestions. Yes, you both make sense, really. That is why I had second thoughts. I tried looking into some sites for a bipolar chat and I found one from BetterHelp. I am talking this over with my family and would probably try it out while they're here for the Holidays. Thanks again.
  11. inspiredwoman

    online chat rooms

    Has anyone here tried anonymous chat rooms? I am planning to join one as an alternative to traditional therapy but I am hesitant.
  12. inspiredwoman

    Any way to prevent being asked to upgrade?

    I don't really know if there is any free version that doesn't require you to upgrade after. I guess you'll have to keep uninstalling it. But maybe somebody here knows something that I don't. Let see.
  13. inspiredwoman

    Life is easy

    What city are you in? This is beautiful...

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