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  1. Problem solved, i've formatted my PC and Re-installed windows. Thanks anyway!
  2. I've had this problem for well over a week and it still seems to persist
  3. Currently running a scan but a reboot seems to have duplicated a quarantine of the file
  4. It seems to quarantine it resulting in the scan coming up clearg up as "clear"
  5. Addition.txt FRST.txt (Threat Scan Log) -> mwblog.txt
  6. Hello MWB Forums i have been trying to remove this malware for a few days now and it seems to keep popping back up. Is there anything i can do to permanently get rid of it? I've attempted to remove with MWB, HitmanPro, RogueKiller and Embisoft but to no success. Browsers have been cleaned and uninstalled too. The file seems to reappear after deletion however a reeboot is not required
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