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  1. rakeshsejwal

    False positive on LearningStrategies.com

    hi I am not able to reproduce the issue, can you please paste a screenshot of the block page? Thanks
  2. rakeshsejwal

    Daily Kos

    I am not able to reproduce this, what is the exact URL you are going to?
  3. @verreniun its the .me TLD that is blocking the site, site has been whitelisted now.
  4. rakeshsejwal

    Firefox add-on not working?

    agree it could be older Firefox engine, I am interested in knowing the results of your FF 52.9 and Win 10 test.
  5. rakeshsejwal

    Firefox add-on not working?

    Happy New Year as well Win XP is something that we don't recommend and test with anymore. I am sure Firefox on XP is running with limited set of supported APIs that are required by our extension, I can put in a dev request to investigate this but can't say if this is something that we can fix or support. for my test I used Win 10 and ESR 60.0, this combo works exactly as Quantum.
  6. rakeshsejwal

    Firefox add-on not working?

    sorry for the delay, holidays. anyway I have tried the ESR 60 on my windows with Malwarebytes Extension and no issues. Blocking malware, scams and ads as usual. what is the issue that you are experiencing?
  7. @goodjohnjr are you referring to the renaming of the downloaded files? if yes then it is an existing bug in Chrome that google needs to fix.
  8. rakeshsejwal

    Chrome extension

    @JustinP can you please provide more details on what is not working?
  9. rakeshsejwal

    HBO Nordic geoblocked

    can you send me a screenshot of the block page?
  10. rakeshsejwal

    VLC download blocked yet again

    @BillH99999 we are aware of the issue and trying to find the right way of whitelisting this. we can't whitelist all the mirrors as they might host malware.
  11. @garioch7 thanks for reaching out. we are blocking shield.sitelock.com as a tracker and that is the reason you are not able to see the image.
  12. rakeshsejwal

    False positive on Sedona.com

    Site has been whitelisted
  13. @JEE I am running Firefox Quantum 64.0 on 64bit I have tried multiple downloads from https://www.thinkbroadband.com/download without any issues. what is the file size are you trying to download? can I get the URL for testing?
  14. rakeshsejwal

    False positive reported by dozens of users

    site has been whitelisted

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