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  1. I just received an update to MalwareBytes After installing the update, I ran a complete scan and quarantined the PUP. Then I ran the complete scan again. The PUP reappeared. The update did not resolve the problem. Update Package Version 1.0.3217 Component Package Version 1.0.212
  2. The AppData folder is an invisible folder. The PUP will not allow any modifications to the full path. After uninstalling Google Chrome, the PUP still kept on appearing on my laptop. No updates are available for MalwareBytes Your link to MalwareBytes 3.3.1 is a link to the trial version. I don't want to replace my licensed version of MalwareBytes with a trial version. I have no idea what to do. What good is changing the Google settings? The PUP keeps reappearing with Google Chrome uninstalled!!
  3. This did not work for me. I uninstalled Windows Chrome and afterward, the PUP kept coming back.
  4. URGENT NEWS ATTENTION: MALWAREBYTES STAFF I uninstalled Google Chrome then performed a scan with MalwareBytes. Two PUP userdata malware files were detected by MalwareBytes. I deleted them and did a MalwareBytes scan again. Four PUP userdata malware files were detected. Additionally, the appdata folder is an invisible file. I cannot delete any folder in C:/users/john/appdata/googlew/chrome/userdata . Just now I received a warning from malwarebytes that two more PUP userdata malware files were detected.
  5. I also think it is a false positive. I'm glad I found this forum.
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