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  1. Hi, thanks for solving the issue quickly, ive had issues in the past but none have been handled as quickly as this one id like to also apologies as i did slate the software in other threads but after reading your message made me understand that you aint as bad as i thought you were id like to say it was just in the heat of the moment as i thought my system had been hacked but its just me jumping to conclusions sorry again and thank you for the great work you put into the software it really does get noticed by myself and alot of other people
  2. Can i reinstall now knowing there will be no issues???
  3. ive uninstalled and my pc is completely fine, im just waiting for a fix to all these issues now
  4. i mean yes, but im not stupid enough to click on malicious links or go onto dodgy websites
  5. im just being a daredevil and using windows defender until something is fixed
  6. its more the fact ive had multiple issues with the product over the past couple of months, i used to be patient, but its running dry right now
  7. I mean, ive uninstalled MB compltley and there is nothing wrong, so im literally debating whether or not to look else where for anti virus protection cause this is just a P*** take
  8. so until a fix has been released ive uninstalled the program and will look for other anti virus protection in the mean time
  9. So ive been having the real time protection issue but i recently noticed that Malwarebytes is using a feck tonne of memory which looks like is the reason for my pc to crash? is this the case is there anyone else with this issue and can explain what is going on and what i can do to stop this
  10. its my 3rd issue with the software in 3 months, defiantly not renwing my subscription if they dont bother upping their game to provide a decent service
  11. tones of people are having tthe same issue, must be something to do with a recent update or the licesne servers being down maybe
  12. ive managed to get my premium account back but now im back at the start with having no web protection again
  13. i just want a fix as i now only have malwarebytes Free and not premium
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