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  1. For me the status light told me which computer's Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent Service was not running and I would log into that computer and start the service back up. On my end that status light seemed to be working just like it was intended to.
  2. Has the status light been removed? or is this a bug? I use the status light regularly to check which computers are not reporting correctly.
  3. Is there a way to see what Malwarebytes ransomware blocks? Is there a log that I can view? I ran into a problem where Malwarebytes is blocking a Watchguard SSL VPN. I believe it is the ransomware protection blocking it. I was able to get it to work after turning off the ransomware protection. I was thinking about adding the directory for the VPN to the exclusion list, but want to verify in the logs that Malwarebytes was blocking it.
  4. What version should Endpoint be at? How do I verify the computers on Endpoint show the correct version?
  5. I miss being able to run a scan on a single file or folder. I'm asked to check a cd/usb drive before it's put onto the network. Is this something that might be added to EP in the future?
  6. Can you run Malwarebyte 3 with Endpoint Protection? Will it cause any conflicts? If they are both running will Endpoint Protection still report detection to the cloud?
  7. I've updated to 1.0.3305 and turned lan sync back on. So far, it's seems to be working. I'm getting the blocking popup.
  8. At 11:14am I started receiving a block website notification. It was blocking port 17500 for outbound connection c:\program files(x86)\dropbox\client\dropbox.exe . I found the port 17500 was for the lan sync setting on dropbox. I disabled it on dropbox and the event stopped. Why is malwarebytes flagging this now?
  9. I found that I had to make sure the all the "other search engines" were deleted on each computer before I sign back into the sync. After a while I look back at the other search engines and notice a few sites have been added, but luckily malwarebytes does not have a problem with them. I did a little research on "other search engines" and found this site that explains it and suggest an addon to block them if you want.
  10. When I quarantine the web data file, malwarebytes does not remove it from the folder, even when chrome is closed. I ended up going to %appdata% , then click on appdata in the location bar so I can goto local, google, chrome, user data, default and I found web data at the bottom and deleted it. I ran a new scan on the default folder and it showed clean. I opened chrome and it showed that I was not logged into chrome and I did not log into it, but I ran another scan on default folder and it was still clean. When I log into chrome and then run a scan the web data file comes up again. I deleted th
  11. I'm having the same problem. I've tried turning chrome sync off and rescaning and it still comes up.
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