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  1. REINSTALLING CHROME seems to have fixed the problem and do try clearing your sync by going to settings sync and clicking "Manage Sync Data On Google Dashboard"
  2. I don't know what may have just happened but for me to go back into my settings in chrome I had to sign back in and it synced settings again but I still have the PuP detection
  3. It hasn't worked and I can't clear sync again cause it tells me to sign into My chrome browser but I'm already signed in
  4. I tried clearing Sync and scanning the file again and it still comes up as a PuP but I had it in quarantine before that
  5. That Report was me scanning ONLY the secure preferences file after multiple tries removing it with malwarebytes if it's of any importance that I state that first, I haven't even read the forum rules yet, I'm in a panic to get this problem solved, so pardon me if posting frequently in a forum post is against the rules
  6. However with you saying it is supposed to correct the bad url, I still see it
  7. Okay, Here it is. Thank you SO much for replying so soon and I do have chrome sync on and I have no clue how to turn it off and I have been actively searching for a solution and it seems to be turning sync off and clearing sync - still don't know how to turn sync off - PuP Detection.txt
  8. I'm confused as what to do with this, I've never gone to fishy sites and the only extension I have is Ad Block - The one with the most downloads - when it came up as a detection I quarantined it and deleted it but the file is still there even after closing chrome and trying again, scanning again it still shows as a PuP and I'm completely unable to handle this by myself when nothing seems to be working, looking at the file there seems to be a website called trovi.com and I have no idea what it is and I've never gone there
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