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  1. Nope not in the folder, i don't know if it matters but he is on OSX El Capitan
  2. Yeah normally i would just drag it to the trash but it isn't listed in applications sooo....lol scratching my head about it.
  3. It isn't which i'm assuming is potentially related to the scanning issue. I hate delete as a pending task for his endpoint but it isn't connecting so i'm out of luck.
  4. I guess this is more so a general question then issue. How or what is the process to remove the endpoint client from the always annoying Mac's? My boss is getting an unable to scan error on his Malware bytes client and i want to do an uninstall reinstall after we did some policy changes. He was able to reinstall it using the .pkg file but i don't think it uninstalled it, and i can't really diag or troubleshoot much further without being confident in it being fully uninstalled. Anyone have the process outlined or a walk through or something? Seems like uninstall instructions for End
  5. Sorry for a late response, we had a firefight when this issue happened to the whole company and we had to uninstall then install and completely disable all services until we can figure some stuff out. I have a ticket with MB and they've collected logs and had a remote session with no luck so far. It appears that the Anti Exploit even when disabled in the settings for all browsers will still keep the browsers hanging when closed and freeze after being used for a little bit. Something with DLL injection and i would assume Sophos but like i said our on prem version anti exploit didn't have any is
  6. So we had the on prem version of this with no issues and the option to install client's of different policies creating different MSI's. So we had one with all the add ons and one without the Anti Exploit for our VM's because they caused the VM's to stop working completely. With this new cloud endpoint install it IS made easy to install HOWEVER it is extremely annoying to deal with groups now since we do silent installs on computers and also on new computer builds. So with this new install procedure i basically need 3 groups. Default group would be basically a staging policy with noth
  7. I'm 100% on board with this haha. I've actually had some luck using Firefox even though it isn't supported when display issues for Chrome happen (M logo just flashes). But they should add more browser support.
  8. Update on the issue: Had to uninstall all 600 computers that had the malware bytes cloud client because turning off all services still caused ALL browsers to stop working.
  9. So i guess this is kind of a two part post. So we just replaced our on prem endpoint clients with the cloud endpoint clients and that seemed to go fine using the mbam clean tool. The problem some of our users are seeing is their chrome and firefox will lock up for 20+ minutes and just be frozen. I have turned off Web Protection and Anti Exploit to see if that fixes it, i haven't heard an update on the issue yet but i was curious if anyone has ran into this issue before. Part two, We have two policies, one for our computers and the other for our virtual machines/VDI's that DO NOT us
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