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  1. So in theory, quarantining the backdoor means i cant be keylogged right?
  2. What do you mean by payload? (Sorry im dumb) & what i meant was would the key logging be a separate software from the backdoor or is it coming directly from the backdoor?
  3. These are the things malwarebytes detected(all in 2017). Would any of these things be key log related? Cross rider Calendertool Search module One system care Privoxy ProPCCleaner Update admin Downserve Install Core Optional.booking Desk bar Goobzo Web Bar APNToolbar.Gen Search Protect Also i heard that backdoor agents use key logging, so is the backdoor agent the one doing the key logging or is the key logging totally separate?
  4. Please answer but what type of MALWARE uses Facebook accounts & what are the SYMPTOMS of a KEYLOGGER.
  5. Wait first what did you say yes to? & is says to scan my pc; what im asking is if there was a virus, what virus would be detected? (E.g a trojan?)
  6. Ahh i don't. All i can ask really is what type of malware would be ones that 'hack' into facebooks & posts on people walls. In this case, is it highly likely that its app permission more than malware?
  7. Okay so I've used quick scan a couple of times before so surely if i did have a keylogger it wouldve been detected? & in my case (backdoor.agent.WD) to double check, I SHOUDLNT have any malware & that the ray ban scam has nothing to do with this backdoor or???
  8. I had a trojan & backdoor agent. Is the backdoor agent virus the one doing the key logging or does it download something else onto my system. Also, i heard that the ray ban scams could be due to malware? Is that malware related to key logging or with the backdoor agent in any way?
  9. Backdoor agent has been in quarantine for 2 years now. Meaning it cant do anything right?(I've been fine since then) If there was a keylogger malwarebytes would have detected that too right? Im honestly scared about my credit card being used as 8 months ago my facebook was hacked advertising raybans; i hadnt been on Facebook for days & hadn't clicked on anything. Is this backdoor related or something completely different?
  10. Okay, im sorry if this doesn't go under the right topic, its the closest to my problem. I accidently downloaded a backdoor agent by accident & it infected my pc with a bunch of other crap. I used Malwarebytes & its in quarantine for 2 years now. Everything has been back to normal. 6 months ago my Facebook was hacked advertising glasses, I changed my password & logged out of all devices which solved the problem. Is this the Backdoor agent key logging & someone used my account? I ran a quick scan & found PUPs that are harmless. Please forgive me but Im honestly paranoid. Im only 16 & im sorry if im in the wrong topic. Please help its my fault i know.
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